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The Beginning of the Journey


I’m posting again after an incredible leave to make use of the blog, test out some new resources, and add a little creative outlet into my days.  Of course, I’m also learning to write non-technical works again and document my processes and ponders.  I’m pretty rusty, but maybe some of these words will be helpful to someone.

The Beginning – Q&A

So, every story seems to prefer to start at the beginning, so I might as well continue the trend. Spring is coming, and I have that urge again to get a motorcycle. I am getting a decent return from taxes and some other available money that I likely should re-invest, but don’t want to. So, the first part of this adventure starts with looking at motorcycles.

‘But, why don’t you want to re-invest and retire earlier?’

Excellent question. Like many people, I have paid paid for financial mistakes enough that I’d rather not do so again. I am particularly budget conscious now, but there is also an aspect of enjoying life that I haven’t paid enough attention to. I thought it was best to get this out of the way as my attention to value will become obvious soon enough.

‘What kind of riding do you want to do?’

Be ready to have an answer for this question because you will hear it a lot when you start talking to people about getting a motorcycle (that and, “are you crazy?”). This is actually a really important question because ‘a motorcycle’ isn’t just a motorcycle these days. There are many types of bikes out there specifically tuned for whatever kind of riding you are looking to do. Street, naked, sport, cruiser, adventure, dual-sport are just some of the categories that are available, and each has their advantages and disadvantages (which I won’t go in to, but more information here)

This was a really hard question for me because the last time I rode, there were still different types of bikes, but I didn’t have the resources to worry about which I wanted. I had to choose from what was available and “affordable”. Now, I realized what I really wanted to do was go somewhere and try out all the different bike styles because I wanted to do all of the kinds of driving and don’t know which I would do more. Unfortunately, I don’t really have this option; I have been away from driving for so long that I don’t want an audience when I get on at something like a Demo Day. I watch people on YouTube talk about their bikes instead and watch for themes in the reviews.


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