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Software Review – ReviverSoft Bastards and Microsoft Goodguys?

6 December 2010

Hi again, November was the kind of month that they write Olde-Time County songs about for me.  Sorry I wasn’t able to get any posts up, but they would have been dripping with negativity anyway.  I just didn’t have anything good to say –  and that is against my policy of getting people out to think about things in a new way.

Anyway, on to some substance.  Among all of the other disasters of the previous month was a dead laptop and a desktop on life support.  With finances being what they are, I just couldn’t hop out and replace everything all at once (though I really, really wanted to).  In time, boot disks, and backup software, I finally got my desktop running again though I have doubts of its continued well being.

While downloading some software to check for duplicates on my filling and failing drives, I accidentally got the add-on software Registry Reviver by ReviverSoft.  What can I say?  I got it from a reputable source, scanned it for infections, even did a little review hunting (not enough), and finally had little to loose considering the problems I was already having.  I installed ReviverSoft’s little bundle of software and found …

Basic, everyday scare-ware.  It found a pile of problems and said it would fix them all if I upgraded from the trial software.  Now I like a good extortion racket as much as the next guy, so I ignored all the reviews that said it was actually a good cleaner and uninstalled it right then and there.  Simply put – I won’t support bastards like that no matter how well their product works, I’d rather replace my machine.

Then I saw someone mention the Windows Live Cleanup Center from Microsoft.  Could it be?  A free utility from the mighty Microsoft that compliments their free Security Essentials?  Being in a destructive computing mood, I gave it a go.  In 4 minutes or less (it took me longer to remember that I had to use Internet Explorer and how to load it), it found a few items and actually fixed them.  I mean that some of the issues I was having ACTUALLY got fixed.

I always discourage people from using registry cleaners and software like that, but I have to say that I don’t mind this utility.  It may not fix the 3000 errors found by less scrupulous vendors (it terrifies me that Microsoft gets the moral high ground on this one), but it fixes what it safely can without scaring the hell out of you.  I have to recommend the Windows Live Cleanup Center from Microsoft before doing any extreme measures like letting an extortionist into your registry.

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