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Snow, Grounhogs, and Government

2 February 2011

I was wondering what to post today and thought of the hot topics; the snow, Groundhog Day, or the controversial ruling by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).  All I could come up with when I pondered the snow was that this is Canada, it is snow, next topic.  That left Groundhog Day and the CRTC ruling; then the idea struck me.

I think Wiarton Willie should be the next head of the CRTC.  He’s all ready on a government expense account (albeit a municipal one) that would be easy to transfer to the Feds.  Then there are the qualifications; as a groundhog being able to remember complex tunnel systems, he would be able to remember that Bell did not spend their hard earned money building out infrastructure.  Bell spent taxpayer’s hard earned money to do it. Groundhog Willie would see through the phone giant’s pleas to take measures for recouping infrastructure expenses.

Next is Wiarton Willie’s ability to see his shadow.  This qualification would be more than enough to see that Bell’s request to implement data caps to 1/10th of the existing targets for the same cost as anti-competitive.  This proposal would not only cripple the re-seller’s ability to compete for Internet service, but would essentially prohibit online entertainment services like Netflix from coming into Canada and threatening Bell’s satellite television service.  With the conflicts are easily as apparent as a shadow, Willie would be up for the task.

There are those of you that might think that putting a groundhog as head of the CRTC is a foolish idea.  There are those that might believe it couldn’t get worse.  Sure, Wiarton Willie might keep us waiting for 6 weeks until Spring but that’s over 6 months faster than the CRTC will review it.  The commission appears to want to wait until competing companies are forced out of business before it hears any appeals.

Those that know me know that I try to remain politically agnostic, reserving equal disdain for all politicians equally.  However, Prime Minister Steven Harper has the chance to be my hero this month by reviewing the CRTC’s decision and coming to the same conclusion Wiarton Willie would have – it is a bad deal for Canadian citizens.

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