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New iPod Nano, Not Feeling the Love

I was looking to buy my first Apple product a couple of weeks ago and walked into a major electronics retailer. I was after Apple’s new iPod Touch which was supposed to be released. There wasn’t a single unit available in 3 cities, which made me want it more.

Back to the point, my Touch review is coming. While I was staring longingly at the empty display case, I noticed the new iPod Nano. It sat there in all of it’s little glory ready for the hordes of people to come and buy it.

Measuring a little bigger than its little brother, the shuffle, and featuring a touch screen the display unit sat there to be admired. My first thought was that my fingers would be too big for that little screen. After playing with the display unit for about a minute, I realized that I was right. The little device felt fiddly in my hands and as far from ergonomically intuitive as a device can get. Now I will admit that I have some different ideas on tech and that my difficulties should be taken as a fringe opinion at first glance. That is why I was a little shocked when another customer came in looking to return his new Nano.

The man had bought the Nano for his wife who wanted it for a trip. The next day he was back at the store to take advantage of their liberal return policy and, “Get her a GOOD iPod Nano.” He continued by mentioning that she was totally unimpressed with Apple’s new incarnation.

Leaving the other customer to his exchange, I looked around the store until he was done. When I returned, I asked my questions about the gen 4 Touch and added in a few questions about the Nano. The sales person knew what I had heard and didn’t try to hide it. The stack of available Nanos was pointed out with the comment that, “The new Nanos are not feeling the love this time around. Even the people that come in for a look, start asking to see other products.”

So, ignoring my ideas about the new Nano, it seems that nobody else is showing them the love either. Personally, I’m shocked; I thought Apple fans would buy a lump of coal if it had a touch screen and Apple logo (me in 10 years?). I guess we will see when next year’s models are released.

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