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Kobo vs. iPad

I’ve been debating the choice between getting an iPad.  Yes, they may be the coolest thing on the block, but I am on a really serious budget.  The other coolest thing (as far as popularity goes) seems to be the Kobo eBook reader sold through Chapters to go with their Kobo eBook store.  Both items have been hard to find on store shelves due to unexpected demand.

USE CASE: view eBooks that are in the public domain, purchased books, and self published books (yes, I’m a sucker for punishment)

iPad PROS:

  • The iPad can allegedly fill my use case (book app just released and I haven’t been able to test it), plus host a myriad of other apps which is very cool.
  • Very nice piece of hardware that is well constructed with aluminum and glass
  • Backed by Apple and their Warranty
  • 10 hour battery life
  • The parade of accessories that are certainly to come and make the iPad even better
  • Great Apple price retention (?)
  • Did I mention it was cool?

iPad CONS:

  • The iPad’s great construction makes it a little heavier than it needs to be
  • Cost is significant at $550 CAD plus tax, apps, protective case, and upgrades
  • I personally find the reflective screen hard on my eyes for long periods

Kobo PROS:

  • Supports ePub format really well
  • Easily expanded memory with inexpensive SD cards
  • Almost as light as my phone (not heavy enough to do major damage if it gets dropped)
  • Costs $150 CAD plus tax (I have no urge to accessorize)
  • The E-Ink screen is easier on my eyes
  • 2 week (8000 page flips) battery life
  • 100 free books

Kobo CONS:

  • No apps, it is just a reader (could be a pro too)
  • Plastic construction that is no where near as tough as the iPad
  • Leaves the cover image of your book so you can’t lie about what you are reading (supposedly)

This is hardly the fair testing of the iPad, but it is a look at 2 options for my specific use case above.  I hope it helps others and that readers will add to this comparison.

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