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I Want to Build a Robot

27 January 2011

I know that sounds like an out-of-the-blue thought, but throughout my life I’ve had an urge to make things.  I really admire the “maker” people for having a passion for creating things like robots and the like.  I’ve never been able to find the money to really get into new projects like that, which is a thin excuse.

For some odd reason, I’ve always wanted to create robotic vehicles that can search out the places I cannot.  I used to lay at night thinking about having robots that could go into an ancient structure and witness the amazing sights that have not been witnessed for thousands of years without having to disturb the area or breathe the foul air.  Maybe create small vehicles that could aid in search and rescue in the wilderness or under the water.  I would build the vehicles that could explore everything quickly and bring benefit to everyone.

Of course, as a child, these thoughts were wild flights of fancy.  Today a smart phone could likely do most of the work with just a little programming knowledge; but where to begin?  Having not won the lotto, I just don’t have the resources to make costly mistakes which are the cornerstone of innovation.  There are lots of devices out there that are “almost right”, but not quite there.  Consumer electronics are reasonably inexpensive but limited, custom equipment is great but vastly over priced in comparison.

Then there is the question of time.  My life situation recently changed and I changed with it.  I have yet to optimize my life in order to do nearly the things I did before, though that will come in time.  Innovation too could come in time, and the tools I wanted to be made could be made for me.  Unfortunately, that kind of takes the fun out of it – a little bit anyway.

So where is this ramble going?  I heard a great quote (though I forget the source) that “They haven’t built all the toys I want to play with yet.”  With that in mind, what toys do you want to play with that haven’t been created yet and how far away are you from making them?


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