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How About a Ponder?

It has been too long since I posted much of anything here, much less some ponders.  Life had just got busy enough to deny me the opportunity or want to sit back and waste a bit of time pondering, but I have one today.

If you could conduct a scientific study (don’t worry so much about what specific tests you would do), what question would you like to find the answer?  Let’s put a practical limit on a 1 year time frame and a team of 5 or less (no, you can’t cure any diseases in that much time).

I was thinking about how I would like to study a crazy little theory of mine, specifically regarding emergency vehicles and their lights.  Pausing at the thought, “That’s nuts, I couldn’t take a year to do that,” I thought about how much citizen science could be done with a little training.  Imagine the innovations (and failures) that could be produced from such a thing if only there was a way.


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