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Goin’ App Mad With iPod Touch

I have been tempted by the iPhone for some time now. In spite of being a happy BlackBerry customer for years, I felt I was missing out on the app trend. BlackBerry does have apps, but it just isn’t the same. Most BlackBerry apps are either really expensive or only amusing to those with little appreciation for recreation. I’m not talking about fart or pimple popping apps either, the world would be just fine without those.

I was recently challenged to crawl through App World and have a look at all the apps now available for BlackBerry, and I took up the challenge. I did equal searches for free apps on App World and iTunes resulting in 9 BlackBerry apps and 5 that were not available for my device/carrier to 24 iPhone apps. The clear winner was iTunes with more educational and general interest apps available for free.

I was more tempted than ever to turn my back on my trusty 9700 that is great in every way except having an inferior keyboard than the 8700 (I seem to be a keyboard snob …). The problem was that I wasn’t willing to give up 3 days of battery life, superior security, and data compression. Then the announcement about the iPod Touch came out and I had my solution.

I’ve had my Touch now for about a week and have installed about 50 apps and quickly rejecting about a dozen of them. I honestly have not even listened to a song on the touch yet, nor do I have any immediate plans to. I have gone app mad on this little unit that reviewers like Andy Ihnatko call the “iPad Nano”.

When sitting down to write my ideas down, I came back to my thoughts on the BlackBerry apps. It is true that the most useful apps were available for all the smart phones including BlackBerry. It is also true that RIM is going to great lengths to attract app developers to their platform. Finally, I have to admit that I’m not sure that I really want all these silly apps on a device as important as my phone.

For me now, I like the idea of keeping the phone as a secure and useful tool and having a separate tool for my apps. I also like my BlackBerry service and reliability in spite of my carrier’s insistence in sending me crap app offers.

I do think the Touch is a little small and the iPad is a little large; maybe if someone would come out with a 7″ tablet with wifi and Bluetooth that could possibly tether off the BlackBerry when necessary…


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