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Could “Occupy Christmas” be Next?

26 November 2011

I was pondering about the impromptu lectures (he calls rants) of +Jeff Jarvis and some interesting discussions involving #OWS. My overly pragmatic brain thought, “What would Wall Street care about some peaceful protesters as long as they go out to the malls and spend millions of dollars this holiday season?”

That lead me to the thought about whether protesters would be considering that as well. It is no coincidence that These thoughts occur to me on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Here’s the ponder experiment; what if everyone supporting these changes were to not go to the malls, but rather use that money to pay down and cut up a credit card? Instead of a whole pile of (or any) gifts, supporters were to simply give a card with a verse to the effect of:

Thank you for the gifts
of friendship and support
that you have given to me.
I know that you are concerned
about the inequalities of today,
so in respect I give you my support
instead of giving it to Wall Street.

There is a reason that I don’t work for Hallmark, but you get the point. What would happen if the 99% decided not to support Wall Street this season? Would it force the 1% to take the protests seriously? Would it severely impact the economy (read as Wall Street)? Would it force a change?

Wall Street is betting that you won’t make them find out the answer.

for those that have never seen a myponders post, I try and pose ponders without bias. I am neither a supporter, nor a denier, I am simply a ponderer wanting to know what you think


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