Harry’s Review

22 August 2014

Harrys-smallI keep meaning to sit down and write a review of some of the products I experiment with. Well, I’m finally sat down with a product that I think is worth talking about. The product is Harry’s, an interesting new angle on shaving and shaving products found at I bought my Harry’s set and have received no incentives for this review.

Tl;dr Summery

If you dread the cuts, rashes, or expense of your current shaving experience, then you should definitely give Harry’s a try . Like any personal grooming product, it might not be for everyone, but the quality for price is hard to match. They even offer free shipping within the United States, and a $6 flat rate shipping to Canada. Also, I was pleasantly surprised when my second order arrived one day after ordering.

Why I Tried Harry’s

I hate shaving. I have a beard that grows in like a crop circle and the whole shaving thing for me is something that only a masochist would enjoy. I tried disposables and multi blade razors as well as different types of electric shavers and never found one that didn’t leave me with massive irritation and the inability to be clean shaven every day for a week. When I heard of Harry’s on a podcast, I thought I might as well give it a try; it couldn’t be worse than the shaves I was getting.

First Impressions

The Truman shaving kit arrived in a nice box and was well presented. It is hard to not have a favourable first impression when a company focuses on a good initial experience. Everything was well packaged and laid out without having to fight with some plastic packaging. The razor was simple but classy in design, which helped me to not think about my previous experiences with multi blade razors that looked cheap or flashy.

This was obviously not a product put out by some unknown factory in China with questionable quality control. I had heard the stories of how the founders were so concerned about quality and shave experience that they bought one of the two premier blade manufacturers in Germany; again, very impressed. I found myself actually looking forward to giving this razor a try.

The Shave

Obviously, the presentation means nothing if the shave isn’t there.  To be totally fair to the product, I read and followed the directions to a tee.  I mention this because I usually have the worst results with shaving right after a shower, or with using hot water.  However, I put my face in their hands and tried what would have usually been disastrous.

Their shave cream is exceptionally good with excellent lather and comfortable feel, it even smelled nice.  The razor was very sharp and glided over my stubble without any hesitation or pulling.  The handle was comfortable in my hand and allowed me to forget about it and focus on the shave, which is important considering that I used an electric shaver for the past decade.

When everything was done, I was clean shaven and impressed.  The real surprise was that there wasn’t any rash or irritation.  That was possibly my first ever shave in over two decades that didn’t leave me with some amount of grief.

My next shave was much the same, feeling very little difference from the first.  The third shave was against beard grade scruff and still worked like a charm.  In fact, the only “bad” shave I’ve had in the month of using Harry’s razors was trying to get one more shave out of a razor I knew should have been changed (stupid user effect).  Even under that circumstance, I still didn’t rash or have any irritation.


I am really impressed with my Harry’s razor.  If I could find any fault in the shaving system, it is that the blades can get clogged up pretty easily.  I really can’t count that as a criticism though because that is a trait of any multi blade razor.  Spending a little extra time and attention to cleaning the blade is a small concern when the razor refuses to irritate my skin into an ingrown whisker based rash.  Thanks to Harry’s, I almost look forward to having a good shave, though daily shaving still hasn’t become a thing for me.