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Back to the Tech

I’ve been a little pre-occupied about the social ponders lately, but here is some tech news.  The Kobo Ebook reader is releasing its first software upgrade.  This might not sound like a big deal, lots of manufacturers release software updates. They have improved some usability features, possibly extended its amazing battery life, and given us the chance to hide some of the included classics.  All things that prove that they are actually listening to their customers.  If you want to learn more, check out their site Kobo Upgrade.

The reason that I’m particularly excited about this update is that the Kobo company is doing things a little differently.  You can download the traditional installer and do it at home or you can get an upgrade at the Chapters Store that you bought your Kobo reader.  According to the website, the staff will put an SD card into your Kobo reader and the upgrade will begin.  So why is this interesting when you could do it at home like every other product?

  1. It’s a new idea that is worth exploring.
  2. It shows a commitment to customer service.  Unlike everyone else that makes you do it yourself and then call some operator after you are totally frustrated, Kobo has an option for Mr. & Mrs. Nota-Techie.
  3. I can get out from behind the computer, go into the Chapters store, and deal with employees that are friendly and helpful.
  4. If something goes wrong, I have the unit at the point of purchase with a history and witness – Easiest return ever?
  5. I don’t have to have yet another installer on my computer.
  6. I get to laugh at the people in Starbucks having to bastardize 3 languages just to order a coffee (personal quirk).
  7. Why not?

See you there.

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