Paradigms are a great thing, until they are not.  Having recognized ways of doing things gives people the ability to progress from problem to solution without having to re-invent every step of the way.  Helpful paradigms show up in areas like ‘Best Practices’, standardization, formatting, and style guides.

Paradigms can turn from helpful to harmful though when not checked and challenged occasionally.  Various laws in North America herald back to times before current technologies and are increasingly irrelevant to the new environment.  Sometimes old ideas fail to reflect new discoveries and can become dangerous ‘wives’ tales.

I have been described as a ‘disturber of the scat’ many times because my pragmatic brain believes that paradigms should be regularly challenged.  I have equal distain for clinging to old beliefs known not to work as I do in changing for the sake of change.  My goal with this site is to simply examine certain social paradigms and challenge if they still hold true.  My ideas come from debate brainstorming and I make no claim to feel strongly one way or another on the issues.  Though bias is largely unavoidable, my attempt is to present many of the ponders presented with as little as possible and welcome all viewpoints either for or against.

I do not ponder because I know the right answers, I ponder in the hopes of asking the right questions.