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My Fortnight as a Mac Fanboy

28 June 2015

FanboySmOK, the title is a little on the link-bait side. I wasn’t so much a fanboy as a dedicated Mac user for two weeks without even looking at a Windows machine. Why would I do such a thing? Simple, I hate Windows 8. I have used every Microsoft operating system since MS DOS 3.3, but I just cannot endure Mr. Sinofski’s design aesthetic since he supported putting that ribbon on MS Office. You are welcome to that design if you like it, but I find it as intuitive and pleasing as a barf salad.

I tried Ubuntu. A great operating system, as are all the Linux flavours, but it just isn’t ready for the mainstream. The absolute inability to take an office document from Windows to Linux to Windows without a formatting nightmare is just a deal breaker at this stage of my careers. Don’t get me wrong; if you are just ‘browsing, Email, and stuff,’ or a nerdy person doing nerdy things, Linux is the OS for you!

So I ran some week-long diagnostics on my Windows machine and became a slave to the Mac. Honestly, it wasn’t really a hard transition at all. Almost anything that a user needs from a Windows machine can be done on a Mac, though possibly a little differently. Being a results oriented kind of guy that doesn’t play enough games, this scored well for me.

Everything was perfect, sunshine, and rainbows, right? Well there were a few things that I did notice that shocked me, and would prevent me from becoming a true Apple Fanboy. The first of these revelations is that Apple users are very patient; Yosemite is SLOW. Before you get out the torches and pitchforks, try Mac hardware with a spinning drive and it is obvious that an equivalent Windows 7 machine running similar basic software is much faster (compare Apples to apples if you will). Mac used to be faster, but it seems that the battle of the bloat has come to a new winner.

Also, it might have been true that Mac OS was once far more stable than Windows, but it isn’t now; I had more crashes from a clean Mac Mini as my seasoned Windows 7 machine over a comparable 2 week period. And then there is the customizing issue; you can only do what Apple will let you do – period. I researched how to set up for a unique use case and heard, “Why would you do that? You are supposed to do it this way. Macs don’t do that.” That might sound reasonable in print, but actually hearing it sounded like something a Stepford wife might say.

Now I do have to be fair, Apple has a lot of things going for it. Mac’s lack of an obvious registry is something that Microsoft really needs to steal. The included apps are decent enough for anyone to get started doing amazing things (with the exception of iTunes, but that is a monster on any platform). Apple hardware is high quality, power efficient, and is so easy to re-image that one might believe that Apple actually cares about its customer experience. Overall, Mac is a real contender if you don’t like Microsoft’s direction and can tolerate some seemingly arbitrary restrictions. Or we can wait and see if Windows 10 sucks less.