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Why are people shopping online?

18 April 2015

Because most local retailers suck.Linen Jacket

I have wanted an ivory linen jacket for years and decided to stop waiting for that ‘someday’. So I went on a walk-about to see what is out there and how it fit (I won’t get into my rant on who they measure men’s clothes on these days). Because of the fit problem, I will gladly spend more at a local shop where I can try on the items and know they will fit when I get them home.

I went to about a dozen shops that might have had what I was looking for. Only 4 of those shops bothered to speak to me, three of which only because they had to and got back to prowling at the first opportunity. You DO NOT get to complain about someone taking a job that you can’t be bothered to do; customer service means that you have to interact with customers, and hiding in the corner doesn’t count.

So did I make the purchase at the final place? No, they didn’t have my size (or anything near large enough). Fair is fair though, that salesman was very good; I would have bought there even though the same jacket was significantly more expensive.

I’m not a Calvin Klein fan per se, but it was the jacket at each place